Contract Issues

keelers contract

Civil / Domestic / Personal Contentious Matters.

  • Extensive experience extending to matters which are contentious and involve contractual, corporate or other areas of law whereby we can offer very constructive help  with serious issues between parties (including corporate parties) short of litigation (and in our experience sometimes so as to avoid litigation altogether)
  • All sorts of business, commercial and personal contractual issues including preparation of pre-nuptial agreements
  • Employment Law Compromise Agreements
  • Various issues in connection with the Law of Negligence, Nuisance, Breach of Statutory Duty and Law of Trusts

In our experience the failure by people simply to address the putting into legal format of their property or partnership relationship can lead to litigation (the expense of which is quite unpredictable and potentially relationship damaging); perhaps not with immediate partners or colleagues with whom there is a good relationship but with widows or widowers who take their place unexpectedly (or authorities who become involved).